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Warhammer: Odyssey Is Available Globally Right Now in Soft Launch

Warhammer: Odyssey, the highly anticipated Warhammer RPG from Virtual Realms, has just gone live all over the world in soft launch, right on cue.

Set in the Old World Warhammer timeline, Warhammer: Odyssey sees you choosing a race and class and then joining a mercenary company. There are six different classes, 12 specializations, and various dynamic skills, allowing for a multiplicity of playing styles.

Warhammer: Odyssey is a multiplayer open-world RPG, built around the bustling port of Marienburg, and it lets you join forces with others to create Regiments of Renown.

It looks like a solid enough RPG, though the early reviews of the soft-launch are patchy, with users complaining of bugs, laggy performance, dodgy controls, and – worst of all – a lack of interest.

Still, that’s what a soft-launch is for – letting players like you discover all the problems so that the developers can weed them out.

You can download Warhammer: Odyssey for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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