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Watch the Teaser Trailer for Marvel Future Revolution, an Open World MMO from Netmarble and Marvel Games

Netmarble has used the Marvel Mystery Panel at PAX East to announce Marvel Future Revolution, an impressive-looking open world mobile MMORPG featuring characters from the Marvel universe. 

Spider-Man is in there, along with Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and others, each presumably with their own unique attributes and skills. 

The baddies, meanwhile, include Red Skull, Yellowjacket, Baron Mordo, and Green Goblin. We’ve definitely heard of at least one of those. 

Marvel Future Revolution Will Contain a Range of Environments

The huge, vaulting environments include the Chosen Valley, the Great Desert of Sakaar, and the Hub Cluster, which is not a warehouse owned by Amazon but a futuristic environment full of shiny metal buildings. 

Marvel Future Revolution seems to involve the kind of multi-dimensional shenanigans that allow multiple versions of the same character to inhabit the same universe. Just go with it. 

Read more on the official Marvel Future Revolution site. 

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