Wednesday Morning WTF: $500 gets you the Kraken in Gun Bros

We are not sure just yet if this gun is available in the Android version of Gun Bros or not just yet at the price it is now being listed at. The Kraken, which was originally listed at 1400 warbucks, the in-game currency, is now listed at 3499 warbucks. This means you would have to spend $500 to unlock it.

The Kraken is the gun of all guns and while you don’t actually have to pay money to earn warbucks, since Gun Bros is a freemium game you can purchase warbucks in order to speed up the unlocking process. To unlock a gun you have to have a certain amount of warbuck in order to ‘purchase’ the gun for your character to use. You can earn warbucks by watching ads, signing up for deals such as NetFlix and other offers they throw at you. Should you not want to do all that, you can purchase warbucks with the largest package being 710 for $99.

If you bought nothing but the 710 warbucks package at $99 per package, that would mean you would end up spending just under $500 real world dollars in order to unlock this beast of a gun right away instead of having to slowly build up your warbucks funds. Don’t forget that Glu raised the price of this gun from 1400 warbucks to 3499 warbucks! I suppose if you have money to burn and want to be a beast in Gun Bros., dropping $500 on a single gun unlocking is no big deal. On the flip side though, you don’t even see freemium PC games with items this expensive.

Website Referenced: TouchArcade

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