WeMade’s upcoming 3D MMORPG Project Dragon gets an official trailer

We previously talked about WeMade during E3 2012 and their stellar line-up of games coming to Android in the near future. One such game is a fully featured 3D MMORPG called Project Dragon – Roar from the Dragon. We only had a few screenshots and a hands-on video but now we have an official trailer and the game looks fantastic.

Project Dragon will be such a huge game that it will rival client-based MMORPG titles for the PC in terms of content and features.  WeMade has come up with a technology to give the game a true MMORPG experience including real-time actions happening around you simultaneously. By that we mean you’ll be able to see people fighting monsters in your area while you are doing the same, just as you would in a PC-based MMORPG.

This game is slated for release on both Android and iOS and will feature cross-platform multiplayer. We are still waiting for more details to trickle out as we near release time. When that will be remains to be announced though. Until then, we can just drool over this trailer.

Thanks to William for the heads up!

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