Wesley Snipes’ video game, Julius Styles, possibly coming to Android later this year.

Well here is something you don’t read about every day. Wesley Snipes, yes the actor, is coming out with a game called Julius Styles. The first episode will be landing on iOS sometime in August with the Android version apparently coming later this year.

Developed by Lapland Studio, Julius Styles will be an isometric 3D adventure game where you will play as Mr. Styles who is an “economic hitman — an expert in persuasion, blackmail and assassination.” While the term economic hitman has us chuckling a bit, the game does sound like it could be interesting. As with this sort of game you will be dealing with all kinds of action gaming with a blend of puzzles as well which, by the end of the game, leads you to solving some massive worldwide mystery.

Don’t think that Wesley Snipes just sat out of the development either. He helped create the character which he says takes influence from a few of his movies, specifically Passenger 57, Murder at 1600 and Art of War. He even did the voice acting for the game’s main character, Julius Styles.

In the original announcement of this game it was stated that it would be landing on multiple platforms later this year after the iOS release, including Android. The latest press release, according to Gamepro, fails to mention anything about other platforms so maybe it is still up in the air. Perhaps the newest press release just concerned itself with iOS since that is what Julius Styles is being released on first. Things that make you go hmmm..

Developer Website: Lapland Studio

Website Referenced: Gamepro

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