Wine-Making Sim Hundred Days Gets New Napa Valley DLC

Hundred Days launched all the way back in October last year, and it allowed you to take over your very own vinyard. It’s all about growing grapes, making wine and generally having a lovely old time while you’re doing it.

And now a new chunk of DLC has landed for the game. It’s called Napa Valley and, perhaps not coincidentally, it’s set in the Napa Valley. It adds a whole bunch of new content for you to play around with.

What kind of new content? Well, there’s new varieties of grape to grow, as well as new challenges that arise from the different climate you’re going to be facing in the Napa Valley.

Wining on

If that wasn’t enough, you’re also going to get new production tools and structures, different customization options for your bottles and new flavors to muck about with. It’s a whole bonanaza of wine-based things and stuff.

If you’ve already got Hundred Days, you can update the game right now to get access to a demo of the new Napa Valley content. If you like what you see, the whole shebang will set you back $2.99.

On the other hand, if you haven’t tried Hundred Days yet, you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $5.99 to pick it up.

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