Wipe out rival mafias in City Domination which will be receiving a big update

Released by Mob in Life, City Domination is an RTS game in a Mafioso setting. Players will assume control of their own gang, and will align with, back-stab, and wage war on the gangs belonging to other players. What’s interesting is that this game will geo-locate players, so players will compete to control their own city.  As of July 16th, City Domination is set to receive a significant update.

The upgrade will enable players to be able to now construct buildings. First, the “gang mansion” can be built, with four upgrade levels include. Other buildings include the barracks and the villa, to boost a players troops or influence, respectively. As part of the diplomatic dynamics in the game, players will be able to defend or attack each other’s mansions; if a mansion is lost, its owner forfeits some “domination”, so it sounds like these buildings are going to be a focal point for the game.

City Domination Features:

– Play FOR FREE with the most innovative MMO strategy game of the moment
– GEOLOCATE yourself to create your own MAFIA and CONQUER your city in an unforgiving urban WAR
– ATTACK the areas around you to CONTROL them and to expand your EMPIRE of crime
– PROTECT your territory by posting mobsters in defense
– Increase your income, hire men, develop your army, FIGHT against the players of your neighborhood
– JOIN other players to become the most influential GANG in the world
– Use STRATEGY and DIPLOMACY to take over the areas close to you
– Customize your guild insignia and impose your colors on the world

There are now going to be weekly events, and some tweaking to the game’s balance. The developer’s also mention that “progression and balancing of the game will benefit greatly from the new features, allowing new players to compete more easily with veterans and make their way to the global crime-leaderboard.” City Domination is available for free from Google Play along with optoinal IAPs as well. You can check out the game’s trailer in the video below.

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