Day: 13 July 2015


Travel through time to answer humanity’s most pressing question in The Stupidest Game Ever

Released by Fancy Pumpkin, The Stupidest Game Ever is a 3D adventure game that’s just been released on Google Play. According to the trailer, as well as its page on Google Play, the game allows players to try and “an answer to humanity’s most pressing question”, though interestingly enough it seems to go out of its way to not tell you what the question is, let alone answer it.


Wipe out rival mafias in City Domination which will be receiving a big update

Released by Mob in Life, City Domination is an RTS game in a Mafioso setting. Players will assume control of their own gang, and will align with, back-stab, and wage war on the gangs belonging to other players. What’s interesting is that this game will geo-locate players, so players will compete to control their own city.  As of July 16th, City Domination is set to receive a significant update.


Burn Zombie Burn Preview: Night of the Laughing Dead

Twin stick shooters – shoot-’em-ups that use one stick for directional movement and another for directional weapon firing – have been around for a lot longer than you might imagine. The current popularity of the genre was ignited by the release of Geometry Wars over a decade ago, first as a mini game hidden in Project Gotham Racing on Xbox and later as a standalone game in its own right. However, you need to go back 40 years to find the first ever example. It was an arcade game called Gunfight, featuring two cowboys intent on each other’s destruction. It was pretty basic stuff so you have to jump forward to 1984 and another coin-op cabinet called Robotron which, with a lone fighter up against hordes of encroaching robots, set the template for the games that were to come.