Wishlist: Here is one racing game we would love to see on Android

Throughout our travels on the internet looking for game developers who are working on Android games we sometimes stumble onto some nice little gems which are unfortunately not currently planned for mobile release. Although they may not be coming to mobile, they would look and play great on mobile devices.

Such is the case with Nitronic Rush, a futuristic racing game that takes the fast speeds of most 3D racing games like Asphalt 6 (only it feels faster than Asphalt 6) and mashes it together with some incredible looking visual that look like they came right out of the Tron movie. While this game would look great on an Android phone, it would look even better on an Android tablet if it were to come to mobile.

The game could easily be brought to mobile considering that, judging from the promo trailer below, multiplayer is done via ghost cars and is not true multiplayer. However that feature is still us speculating considering the developer hasn’t really commented on what exactly the ghost cars are for just yet. Our thoughts though would be the cars of other players who have raced that course and their best times.

Unfortunately for all of us racing game fans, Nitronic Rush is a PC-exclusive game right now that is currently in development. That is why it is in our Wishlist article series but perhaps with a little noise and attention we could get the developers to bring this over to Android as it would work well on Android devices. Not to mention it just looks way too fun.

Developer Website: Nitronic Rush

Website Referenced: DYIGamer

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