World of Midgard 3D MMORPG signs publishing deal with Aeria Games

We have covered the 3D MMORPG being developed by Veraxon called World of Midgard fairly extensively since the first closed beta even started. Now that the public beta has been out for a few days, it seems as though things are picking up a little for Veraxon as they have just signed a publishing deal with Aeria Games to publish World of Midgard.

For those of you unfamiliar with World of Midgard, this is a cross-platform full MMORPG which will be playable on the PC, MAC, iOS and Android devices. It is a fantasy themed game similar to World of Warcraft in a lot of ways although many of the creatures, quests, gear and other aspect are completely different.

In this new publishing deal with Aeria Games, they will be publishing World of Midgard in Japan on all four platforms. This deal marks the first title for Aeria Games that will have anything to do with mobile gaming. All of Aeria’s other titles that they publish are all PC based MMO games.

With World of Midgard you will be able to play on any of the platforms the game is released on and when you have to log off, you can pick up where you left off on any of the other platforms when you log back in since your account is synced between everything. So you could play on your Android tablet while on your lunch break then log back in on your PC when you get home from work. Check out the press release below for all the details.

If you are interested in the public beta, all you have to do is head over to World of Midgard’s site and sign-up. Even though this is a public beta, it is still very rough around the edges but that comes with the territory of being a beta.

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Veraxon Entertainment signs publishing deal with Aeria Inc

Veraxon Entertainment signs publishing agreement with Aeria Inc to publish World of Midgard 3D MMORPG in Japan on 4 platforms: iOS, Android, Mac & PC.

Short Hills, NJ – Friday May 11th 2012 – Veraxon Entertainment (, a leading independent developer of fun games, today announced that it has signed a publishing agreement with Aeria Inc., a world leading MMORPG games publisher to publish World of Midgard 3D MMORPG in Japan on 4 platforms: iOS, Android, Mac & PC.

Publishing agreement allows World of Midgard access to over 32,564,000 current Aeria Inc MMORPG players in Japan. World of Midgard will be fully integrated with Aeria Inc account system allowing players to use their Aeria Inc accounts to play World of Midgard without the need for separate account.

World of Midgard is a revolutionary full 3D massive multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG). World of Midgard is both a mobile and Mac/PC full 3D MMORPG game offering for the very first time on mobile devices not only a rich and amazing full 3D fantasy world but full support for factions conflict, factions PvP battleground, PvP Arenas, non-heard-of-on-mobile-devices 10-man raiding system and more. The game also offers a very unique dungeon leveling system in addition to 500 quests waiting for players who want to immerse themselves into the Norse mythology inspired World of Midgard.

With World Of Midgard, mobile MMORPG Veraxon Entertainment is re-defining the term “go out and play,” allowing MMOPRG fans to leave their desktop computers and breathe fresh outdoor air while enjoying the game.

Players who want to enjoy World of Midgard MMORPG before it launches can now play open beta version on Android, Mac & PC at

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