World of Midgard Updates with a Q&A session and some new preview videos

Recently, the developers of World of Midgard, an upcoming 3d MMORPG coming to iOS and then to Android using Unity, had a little Q/A session via their Youtube channel. Some of the translations were a bit rough so we did our best to touch it up a little bit and make it easier to read. Enjoy!

We originally broke news about this game not too long ago and for those who need a bit of catch up time, you can find the article here. For those who already are caught up we will get to the good stuff quickly. There is a nice chunk of questions and answers but there is also a ton of footage showing off character animations and even a sneak peak of a dungeon!

Since the dungeon footage is the most recent release we will let you see that first and then it will be time for their answers! Please note: Since this S&A session was posted over at Touch Arcade via Youtube, a lot of it is directed towards iOS. However, keep in mind that this is coming to Android as well.

Catacombs Dungeon Mock-up

GemCave Dungeon Mock-up

When will we be able to play World of Midgard?

  • If there are no big technical problems, the first version of the game should be here in about four months.


Will there be translations for other languages or will it only be available in English?

  • It will be in English for now, but in future who knows?


Will the game have playable Mages? I love Mages!

  • The first version will have four playable classes which are Fighter, Cleric, Mage and Rogue.


Will there be an open world to explore or only instanced dungeons?

  • Open world with relatively big zones connected through portals and dungeons.


What makes your game different from other MMORPGs?

  • Well, all mmorpgs have some similar mmorpg genre specific mechanics but this game itself is 100% original. A few things: All classes can heal in some way ( support heals ) including Fighters and Rogues. All classes can resurrect ( bring back to life ) other players. Rogues can give party buffs as well like increased chance to dodge attacks. There will be numerous specializations for characters unique to this game. We also can not forget to mention that this mmorpg will have completely original lore.


Will we be able to ride horses or flying creatures as mounts? Will we be able to have pets?

  • We want to release game as fast as possible so the first version will not have mounts or pets to help speed up the release. This is also the reason why the Ranger class, with its battle pet, will not make it into the first version. But both riding mounts and pets will be a supported feature in a future update as well as the planned Ranger class. We do no plan to add flying mounts because it does not make much sense on a mobile device. At launch the game will be playable on both iPad 1 and iPad 2, plus on iPhone and iPod third and fourth generations.


Will it be 100% free or will there be in-game purchases?

  • The plan is for the game to be free with an item shop but we will do the item shop development after game is done and playable with a few areas. Until the item shop is finished, the game will be free for 2 zones and then $1.99. We will try to add a new zone every 2 months until the currently planned 20 zones are all added.



If i may ask, what engine do you use for this game?

  • Unity Pro 3D is used as the graphics engine, which means after the iPad and iPhone version are finished it will not be much longer for the Android version to be released as well.
  • Unity allows us to build for different platforms so we will do Android phones and tablets. The only question is when. Since we are small team we want to first release on iOS and then after beta bug hunting is done we will release it for Android. There is also a plan to make a Facebook in-browser version so you can play the same game either on Facebook (Mac and PC) or mobile device (we need to change controls for that version so it will come last probably).


Will there be factions and player versus player combat?

  • There will be two factions: Alliance and Fury. There will also be 5×5 battlegrounds such as Capture the Flag and First to Kill X amount of players type of game, 1×1, arena with ratings, pvp gear sets, too.


Will there be open world PvP? Will I be able to just kill any player on the opposite faction?

  • There will be separate PvE and PvP servers. On the PvP server you can kill any opposite faction player you see anywhere.  In the first version, open world PvP will start in the 3rd zone since the first two zones are starting zone for your faction only. With later updates each next zone on PvP server will continue to be open world PvP.


What will be the level cap at the start of the game? What are the dungeons going to be like?

  • Level cap is 18 for first 3-zone version. There will be two max level (at lvl 18) 5-man normal and expert mode dungeons and 3 small (1 boss each) dungeons on the way to 18. Four types of mobs per area + 5 types per dungeon.


Will there will be various types of talents of the class, for example, Fire Mage , Arcane Mage , Frost Mage?

  • This is not a clone of WoW where you have those types of mages. In World of Midgard there are so called “destiny paths” where you can invest points in traits. Destiny path allow you to customize class abilities but it works different than in WoW.


When can we see a video with various characters in combat casting spells and with a nice interface of game? I would love to see it. How many FPS are you getting in game with iphone 3g? And how big of a file is the game?

  • On an iPhone 3 it currently, before optimization, runs between 23-30 fps with five characters fighting a few monsters in a dungeon. We are not ready to show fighting just yet. I think we can show the first fight video in about 2-3 weeks. The current build of the game is 54MB but it will go higher, possibly well over 100MB, so it’s best to download it using iTunes and not directly through your phone, but that will still be an option.

Will it be possible to have secure trade with other players?

  • Yes, trading with other players will work right from the start even on our first version.


What are the target devices for this game to run on?

  • World of Midgard will be available for all iOS devices except for first generation iPods and iPhones. The target for Android devices is anything currently less than two years old by the time we release. For the second generation iPad and on all Tegra 2 powered devices, our game should run at 60 fps. For all other devices the game should run around 25-40 fps. That is the goal.

Here are some videos that they have released. These shows off some of the character animations. There are almost 30 videos in all on their YouTube channel which can be found below. Also, just to let people know, they do not have an official site just yet. They plan on having one launched in just a few weeks. Right now they just have a YouTube channel which can be found here.

Website Referenced:Touch Arcade (Forums)

Dark Elf playable race animations

BloodDrak playable race animations

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