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World of Tanks Blitz is Getting a Floaty New Gravity Force Mode

World of Tanks Blitz, the popular free-to-play shooter from developer, is getting a new mode called Gravity Force.

As the same implies, this will see tanks shrugging off the leaden shackles of gravity and taking to the air like heavily armed balloons. According to, the mode will replicate space conditions, with gravitationally accurate features like recoil recalibrations and a “floaty feel”. 

Accompanying this new mode will be a new map, Sea of Tranquility, set on the moon. While this map will remain floaty, between April 10th and April 16th several others will become floaty too. 

These are Mirage, Winter Malinovka, Desert Sands, El Alamein, Normandy and Dead Rail. Thanks to a partnership between and moon real-estate vendor Lunar Embassy, players will be able to win certificates of ownership for bits of the moon.

You can download World of Tanks Blitz for free right now on Google Play

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