Wreckfest Mobile coming ‘sooner than you think’ as preregistration starts

THQ Nordic and HandyGames are bringing Wreckfest to Android. As one of the best demolition derby games to ever release, this mobile port is guaranteed to be amazing. But just when can we play it?

Wreckfest Mobile pre-registration

Announced last week during a THQ Nordic Games Showcase, Wreckfest mobile is still without a release date. Launching later this year, the destruction derby game is sure to be a popular release on Android. 

Wreckfest Mobile is expected to be a premium release in mobile. However, THQ Nordic has yet to release any pricing details for the portable version. Instead, we’re flying blind into the eye of the storm. Do you know what’s in that eye? Cars, probably. 

Nevertheless, THQ Nordic has prematurely started preregistration for the upcoming game. If you’re interested, you can head over to the Google Play Store and wishlist the racing game. This means that you’ll be notified as soon as it releases. 

In a press release, it’s stated that the upcoming racing game is coming “sooner than you think”. However, that still means it’s coming sometime in the coming months on an unspecified date. 

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How much will it cost?

Alongside no release date, Wreckfest Mobile also has no price attached to it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the game is free on mobile. However, it may end up being cheaper than expected. 

Judging from previous THQ Nordic releases on mobile, this should be rather cheap. Compared to the extortionate prices of Square Enid games, the racing game should be around £7.99 or so. 

Of course, just because other THQ Nordic games are cheap, that doesn’t mean this one is also. Nevertheless, whatever the price, it’ll be worth it. Well, within reason, of course. 

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