XperimentalZ Games looking for beta testers for their new game Platforms Unlimited

The developers of Don’t Run With A Plasma Sword are looking for beta testers for their upcoming game Platforms Unlimited. XperimentalZ Games has officially announced the opening of beta testing for their new game on our forums and sign-ups are now live for those of you interested in testing out Platforms Unlimited.

So what exactly is this game about? Platforms Unlimited is an endless platformer that is going to be extremely challenging to play. This is a minimalistic style game so there won’t be a grip of eye candy to stare at but that is alright since you’ll be worrying about not dieing more than anything else.

Platforms Unlimited will feature random procedurally generated environments to work your way through but there will also be three fixed levels to play through each day as a sort of daily challenge type of feature. There will also be a missions system as well as power-ups and trail look to unlock. As for pricing, Platforms Unlimited will be a paid game with zero IAPs involved.

For those of you interested in being a beta tester for this game, you’ll need a Testflight account in order to participate. If you have that, you can then sign-up for the beta test of Platforms Unlimited through the link below.

Beta Sign-ups: Platforms Unlimited

Forum Discussion: Platforms Unlimited thread

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