Yet another Summer Olympics themed game arrives called Doodle Summer Games

If you are not tired of all of the Summer Olympics themed games being released lately onto Android then you’ll be happy to know that there is one more out there for you to try out called Doodle Summer Games. Developed by EnsenaSoft, this new sports game has a few things going for it that most of the current Olympic themed games don’t come with.

Aside from the fact that everything is ‘Doodle-style’ which means all the visuals are hand-drawn, Doodle Summer Games also comes with multiplayer that allows 1-4 players to compete in the various events the game comes with. You would think that including multiplayer in a game based on an event that has athletes competing against each other would be a given but it isn’t.

This game comes with a lot of the standard Summer Olympic events such as the Shot Put, Javelin Throw, Sprinting, Long Jump and so on. Right now this game is available in a free HD version which offers you a selection of events to play either solo or against friends. However a full paid version of the game is expected to land on Google Play in the beginning of August which will offer up even more events to play and a bunch more doodle animations to enjoy. You can also snag this game off of Amazon’s AppStore for your Kindle Fire as well as the future paid version.

Google Play Link: Doodle Summer Games

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