Yoga Retreat will be getting updated with a new Hearth & Breath feature soon. Brings a whole new level of interaction to the game.

There are simulation games out on just about every platform for pretty much every type of activity you could want to try your hand at these days. This apparently includes doing Yoga and soon the first Yoga-themed mobile game, called Yoga Retreat, will be getting updated with a new Heart & Breath feature.

This new Heart & Breath feature challenges players to daily breathing practices together with the game by integrating your Bluetooth heart rate monitor or smart watch to the game. In other words you are actually interacting with the game on a bit of a new level then that has been currently available. There are a few important details that you will need to know including what hearthrate/heath monitors are supported.

1. Bluetooth Low Energy-compliant fitness monitor or tracker which does NOT use proprietary data formats such as:

– Polar H7 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Sensor
– Polar H6
– Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor
– Beets Blu Wireless Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor
– Jarv Run BT Premium Bluetooth® 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor
– HxM Smart – Heart Rate Monitor
– Imaze connect Fitness HR Strap Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor
– Abody Bluetooth 4.0LE Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Smart Sensor

2. How to use the feature:

– Make sure you have the newest version of the game 1.12. from Google Play.
– Put on your Heart Rate device, make sure that it is on correctly.
– Go to the Settings of your Mobile or Tablet device, click ‘Bluetooth’ and set Bluetooth ‘On’.
– Open Yoga Retreat Game, in the left corner you will see the Heart & Breath icon, Click it.
– The first time you use the Heart&Breath feature, the game will ask you to give some information about yourself.
– When you open an exercise, you will see the Connect button, click it. The game will then be connected with your Bluetooth device.

As for smart watch support, the developers haven’t announced which particular models the new feature will be able to support but it should be pretty much all of them. This new breathing exercise will be available for players to do every 24 hours. Unfortunately there is no specific release date for the launch of this update, only that it will be coming soon to the Android version of Yoga Retreat. The game itself is available for download off of Google Play for free.

Official Website: Yoga Retreat

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