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You Can Now Rent NFTs in Popular Blockchain RPG The Red Village Thanks to IQ Labs Integration

Strap in, because you’re about to discover the next big thing in blockchain gaming. 

IQ Labs, a technology company based in Tallinn, Estonia, has just announced that its revolutionary NFT rental mechanism is available in The Red Village, an Australian dark fantasy game built on the blockchain.

In other words, players of The Red Village can now earn money by renting their NFT champions to other players. All they need to do is list them on the IQ Labs market and watch the rewards roll in. 

Meanwhile, those who are unable to afford their own NFTs can access powerful champions, boosting their own earning potential in the process. 

It’s a straight-up win-win proposition, made possible by IQ Labs’s proprietary IQ Protocol technology, which enables users to experience NFTs on a time-limited basis without the need for collateral or trust.

Players can even customize their terms, opting for example for a revenue share rather than a straightforward rental. 

In case you’ve never come across it before, The Red Village is a play-to-earn ecosystem known for its hugely popular fighting tournaments. It’s backed by some of the metaverse’s biggest hitters, including Animoca Brands and GameFi Ventures Fund. 

The Red Village is currently working with Phantom Galaxies creator Blowfish Studios on The Red Village: Darklands, an ambitious action-RPG inspired by megahits like Elden Ring, The Witcher, and RuneScape. 

Darklands will naturally support the renting of assets through the IQ Market.

The Red Village is only the latest project to join the IQ Labs network. Founded in 2021, the startup has forged partnerships with more than 50 companies internationally. 

It has collaborated on GameFi, NFTs, and blockchain subscription projects, all in a bid to increase the adoption of non-fungible tokens by creating new onboarding opportunities and improving access to expensive digital assets.

After all, one of the main barriers to NFT adoption is cost. IQ Labs smashes that barrier to pieces and lets everybody participate in the NFT revolution.

You can learn more about The Red Village right here and for more information on IQ Labs you can visit their website.

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