Zenonia 2 Coming Soon To Android!

Here is a great way to start the new week off with news about Zenonia 2 and Android. Everyone who has played Gamevil’s smash hit RPG game Zenonia on their Android device have been waiting patiently for news regarding part 2 in the series. Well it seems as though Phandroid was tipped off and the official word on Zenonia 2 is: It’s coming in December!

If you thought Zenonia was big, part 2 brings it to a whole new level with 152 different maps along with 98 quests to complete. There is also a new class added to the mix: Ranged and of course the ridiculous amount of items is still present in this new addition to the series. There are a bunch of new features as well including PVP arena combat and much more extensive character customization!


  • 152 Maps with 98 Quests
  • 4 Classes to choose from: Paladin, Shooter, Magician and Warrior.
  • 3 Difficulty settings for the PVP Arena: Normal, Hard, Hell
  • Improved UI and special effects for combat moves
  • Loads of items to find and create
  • Much more extensive character customization
  • Same great classic RPG gameplay


Unfortunately the Assassin class is gone but instead the ranged class has taken over with Shooter and Wizard. The PVP Arena addition is also huge and since launching on the iPhone only a few months ago, players have already racked up over a million PVP games. Whether this PVP Arena will be cross-platform or not is still up in the air but we are all hoping it is!

If you have already bought Zenonia for Android then purchasing part 2 is mandatory. If you are one of the unlucky few who have yet to experience Zenonia I would highly recommend getting it before playing Zenonia 2! If you are having trouble with Zenonia part 1 feel free to check out our walkthrough! Either way though RPG fans are going to be very happy this December!

Website Referenced: Phandroid

Developer Website: Gamevil

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