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Amnesia… wait, why am I reporting this … oh yeah! Amnesia Review!

Amnesia indeed, you come to in an office with a hangover from hell. Your character can recall nothing from the past. You’re memory has vanished, it even has a name… AMNESIA!!! Check out how this room escape style game stacks up and if you don’t forget about it, whether you should get the game or not.

Your character can feel something deep down in the pit of their stomach, something went wrong. How will they remember?  How are they going to find out who they are or what they’ve done? Well that’s going to be your goal in this mystery adventure game.

Controls: The controls for this mystery adventure game are pretty much straight forward, you use you’re fingers to select items on the screen, selecting an item brings up a small menu with 3 options usually changing depending on the item selected. Also hard touch buttons are used too, the menu key brings up the item inventory. As for the touch screen, objects can be tricky to click on, I would often find myself trying to click certain objects up to 5 times or more, which can become very frustrating.

Graphics: I’ll be honest here, the graphics aren’t exactly ground breaking for the awesomely awesome android. The office isn’t all that detailed and compared to the selection of games available now for android, I would say it’s under par. Some items that appear in the game are so tiny it’s difficult to even see they exist at all; it took me a good 5 minutes trying to locate 1 particular item in the game (no spoilers).

Gameplay: The gameplay is where this game kind of redeems itself. It starts out very vague as to why you are even there in the first place but that’s the point of the game right? I mean come on it’s called Amnesia after all. Finding out how all the different objects interact with each other and the rather difficult code that needs deciphering make this game slightly challenging for the novice, but relatively easy to the experienced Sherlock Holmes amongst you.

Overall: You can’t help but feel that this game could’ve been a little more graphically pleasing, but with a sequel planned I could see some major improvements being implemented in the next chapter of the game. With the game being really short and very intriguing, it leaves you with a morish feeling when you reach the end. As a free game i would say that’s a pretty good deal you’re getting there. Who is going to complain eh? WHO?

Rating: 3/5

Developer Website: Red Rage Gaming

Direct Market Link: Amnesia

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