Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombies! Review: Zombies have inhabited the earth… yet again!

Zombies have inhabited the earth… yet again! Guess who’s got to sort it out? That’s right, you! Steam roll your way through these intense stages, be prepared and stock up on new weapons and abilities to help you take on these brainless , flesh eating zombies!

Title: BioFrenzy: frag the Zombies | Developer: ZOZOgame | Genre: Arcade & Action | Players: 1 | Version: 1.1 | Price: $1.00 |


  • 3 different difficulty levels.
  • Lots of Upgrades for different abilities.
  • Very intuitive controls.
  • Chronosphere: Freeze time while your character is unaffected which leads to fun chaos.
  • Bullet time: Slows down time and triples the damage dealt to zombies.
  • Over 20 unique weapons to choose from.
  • Drool-worthy HD graphics.



Straight away there is annoying little hiccup you will notice and that’s two white boarders down the side of the screen(for 800×480 displays), which is rather annoying and confusing as some screens do fit full-screen and some don’t. Secondly is the loading times, they are by far the longest loading times of any mobile game I’ve ever played, at first it made me wonder if it had killed my phone as it was taking that long before even showing it was attempting to load anything. Believe me, this can wear thin after a little while.

Now to the action, which BioFrenzy is packing by the bucket loads. Each stage is packed full of zombies coming at you from both sides which comes will keep you on your toes for sure. You’ll have to be quick to decide which zombies pose the biggest threat to you at the can sneak up rather quickly and turn a relaxed situation into one full of panic and zombie blood flying everywhere!

Between levels, you’re given the chance to change weapons, purchase new ones and even upgrade abilities, you can carry anything from a regular handgun to a grenade launcher, those zombies won’t know what’s hit’em.

Just a little quick note about the story, for a start there isn’t much of one at all, it’s basically a pick up and play zombie slaying fest, who doesn’t enjoy that eh? I know I’m a sucker for shooting me some numbskull zombies!



The controls in BioFrenzy perform really well. I never found myself hitting the wrong buttons when I was panicking and knee deep in zombie eyeballs. There really simply set out, with arrow keys in the bottom left and shoot in the bottom right, simples! As for the responsiveness of the controls, there some of the best I’ve used, if you mess up, it’s your fault, not the controls!

Graphics and Sound:

Just let me wipe my chin before I start on the graphics. I’m really a sucker for cartoon graphics in zombie games, when there done correctly, they really make the game so much more fun to play, if done wrong, then if can make any game a dread to play through. I’m happy to report this game has been done to very high standards! Every part of this game just looks like pure eye candy to me. All the animations looks amazing, especially (gore alert) when the zombies get shot and their heads disintegrate with every shot you fire, it just makes the zombie slaying more satisfying.

Now for sound, the music was especially created just for this game so as you could imagine, it fits really well with the whole zombie theme of the game. As for sound effects, the gun shots and item pick-up sounds give the feel of a really well made game, when is that ever a bad thing eh? On the flip side though, the zombies in the game don’t actually make any noise at all which was disappointing for me as I love the sound of the zombies while they walk towards you.



As the game stands at V1.1, it’s pretty solid with the exception of those ridiculous loading times, hopefully in future updates those will be dealt with. Everywhere else, BioFrenzy ticks all the boxes and really shines as a fun pick-up and play game, spot on graphics, nice sound effects and lots of zombie killing, I’m happy! Zombie games are really popular right now so hopefully this game isn’t left out in the dark because it is one of my favourite zombie games out on android right now, I’ll continue to play it even after this review is done, which says a lot really. Give it a try.

Rating: 4.5/5

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