Crocodile Crossing Review – One for the kids to enjoy

Crawl Space Games newest release onto the Android Market comes in the form of a family friendly game called Crocodile Crossing. So do you help the pigs get home safely or do the crocodiles end up eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Title: Crocodile Crossing | Developer: Crawl Space Games | Genre: Casual | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0 | Size: 41 MB | Price: Free or 1.99 (full) |


The premise of Crocodile Crossing is simple: pigs will launch themselves across the screen, and your job is to stop them falling into the crocodile infested waters below. The tool you have to complete this task is a trampoline, which the pigs bounce off. Eventually more pigs come, and at a faster pace, and its your job to time the trampoline movement so as to save them a crocodile death.

There are a number of different features to alleviate the repetitive nature of the gameplay: firstly, you have a range of different power-ups that add extra dimensions to the gameplay, and you also have platforms that the pigs can land on so as not to require another bounce, leaving you free to tend to other pigs. These add enough flavour to stop the game being monotonous.

There probably isn’t enough here to hold a serious gamer’s interest for very long, but if you’re looking for a family friendly game, or simply a cute time waster, then this is no bad option.


Aesthetically the game takes a lot of cues from Angry Birds. The menus are presented in squares instantly familiar those who have played the aforementioned game, and the cute cartoon style bears a certain similarity as well. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its own charms; I’m a particularly big fan of the animations for the various little pigs. I got a lot of entertainment out of watching the pigs facial expressions change from a look of frightened falling to surprise at bouncing in the air, and I’m sure youngsters would to.

In terms of the music and sound effects, they are all quite fitting and blend in well with the game’s presentation in other areas. On my Galaxy SII, the sound is very scratchy on the menu screen, but this disappears entirely in other areas of the game. I can’t confirm whether this is the same on other devices, so it is definitely worth trying out the free version before the full, so that you don’t suffer from this minor annoyance.

The full version of the game adds a few extra levels to the line up, so worth it if you’ve got yourself hooked, but not a necessity.


All in all its a neat little game that would be good for all the family to play. There probably isn’t enough here to draw in the serious gamer, but if you’re looking for something cute or slow paced (or something to distract the kids!) you couldn’t go wrong with this title.

Rating: 3.5/5

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