i-eX Elite Gaming Chair Bean Bag Review

Like all the various accessories available, choosing a top quality gaming chair can make a big difference to your gaming performance. Thanks to the lovely folks over at Bazaar Group, we got the opportunity to try out one of their latest bean bags – that’s also a gaming chair.

What immediately stands out about the i-eX Elite Gaming Chair Bean Bag is that it’s actually a gaming BEANBAG chair! This might sound obvious, as we’ve already mentioned beanbag above, but our first feeling on hearing about this was that the beanbag wouldn’t be firm enough to replace our existing setup of a proper gaming chair.

We were wrong. The bag is nice and firm, with a thick black leather skin (other colours are available) and the beans don’t seem to move around too much when you sit on it – it retains its shape nicely. Also, it has a great headrest that you can lean back into.

It’s in the bag

We had to do a bit of initial wriggling to get the beanbag comfortable for our shape – 6ft and about average weight – but once we’d managed this, it retained the shape nicely so that when we came to sit in it again, it was already moulded into our perfect position.

It’s also quite stylish – the leather is a bit shiny and it works well in my gaming room setup, as well as being relatively portable in case we take it to a friend’s house. We got the option with a footstool – this wasn’t as useful as you think and generally not needed unless you really want to put your feet up – the chair is perfectly fine on its own.

It won’t suit a PC set up really as it’s too low to the ground, but for playing on a mobile or handheld device we found it ideal and very pleasing to use. It’s durable as well – no worries about this bursting open at any point.

So, should you buy it? It’s well priced, it’s a quality bit of kit, and as long as you’re happy to be quite low to the floor then you’ll find this one of the best gaming beanbags out there. Check out the entire selection right here.

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