Pool Break Pro review – Surprisingly good pool game for your Android device. Come complete with multiplayer.

Here in America we play Pool, over in Britain they play Snooker, where the heck do they play Carrom and Crokinole?? Well wherever they play it the need to get Pool. Pool Break Pro allows you to play these four fantastic table games whenever and wherever you want, without the 500lbs slab of solid granite.

Title: Pool break Pro | Developer: Kinetic Bytes | Genre: Sports | Players: 1 Player or Multiplayer Online | Version: 1.7.8 | Size: 2.3MB | Price: Free (Lite) / $2.99 (Full)

Gameplay: Each game has its own set of rules that you can find in the help section of the menu. When you select the Pool option you are given a choice of which kind of Pool game you want, the options are 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 8-Ball (UK), Straight Pool, Just Place-n-Shoot!, and Pool Drill. When you choose the Snooker option you are given a choice of what kind of Snooker Game to play, you can choose Regular Snooker, Snooker 6-Reds, or Snooker 10-Reds.

There is only one version of Carrom and Crokinole to play. Depending on the game you choose you can also choose what style of board you want to play on: Regular, Hexagonal, or Circular. After you choose your game and board you can choose how you want to play, either against a friend using the same phone, against a computer with 4 difficulty settings, or locally against an opponent. Also in the settings you can tweak all sorts of things, including the different friction factors between the balls and the table.

Graphics and sound: The graphics look stunning in every game mode, and there is no lag at all even when a bunch of pieces or balls are moving all over the board. The background gives the feel of a real game room where you would have a Pool/Snooker/Carrom/Crokinole table. There is no background music but there are sound effects for when you are shooting and when the balls/pucks hit each other and are pocketed. There’s also a notification sound that plays to let you know when other local players are detected.

Controls: Pool Break Pro supports touch screen, Keypad and Trackball controls and even tells you what does what in the help menu under “Game Shortcuts”. I found that it was easier to use the touchscreen because you were able to fine tune your shots a bit easier.

Overall: I’m not sure if there is a better Billiards app out there, and even if there was it would have a hard time taking me away from this app because of everything it offers and how clean everything looks while playing. Definitely one to consider if you like playing Pool-style games on your Android device.

Rating: 4.5/5


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