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DroidGamers Apology: We Were Hacked

At around 5:00pm earlier today, we got hacked. Well, hacked is a rather loaded term. In the most basic terms, our security was far too relaxed, and we here at DroidGamers have a lot of work to do. 

As you’re probably aware, we’re a new team here at DroidGamers, taking over from Harry Slater who has looked after this site for years. However, this rough change of hands has left us with a number of issues. 

The DroidGamers Hack 

Earlier today, a hacker managed to make their way into the DroidGamers backend using the past editor’s account. In their brief time with access, the hacker uploaded a follow-back link article for a number of adult websites. 

This article “free porn videos online” is used by a number of shady companies. As a popular website, we get countless emails asking for these articles to be written every day. In this case, a hacker decided to break their way into the backend and post the article by themselves. 

The article in question does point towards this. For example, there are numerous links to websites that we will not share here. These links are not only used to collect information from you, our readers, but also to improve the search optimisation of their website in search engines such as Google, to the detriment of ours.  

What’s more worrying is that the hacker in question also managed to gain access to one of our sister sites: iFanzine. At the time of writing, we are still unsure as to how this is the case, but it would seem like everyone here needs to improve security. 

How are we fixing this 

We are taking steps to fix a number of issues here at DroidGamers, including the website’s poor security. For example, we have removed any access to all hacked accounts on the website. 

This means that these posts should not occur again, unless one of us gets extremely drunk. Furthermore, we are making steps to make sure that any inessential accounts are unable to post without editor oversight. 

DroidGamers is, unfortunately, hyper-targeted for hacks and spam. Every day, dozens of spam comments are submitted to the site and we do out best to remove any and all spam comments we see. 

There are other, future plans to improve the DroidGamers experience, hopefully in the very near future. If you have any suggestions, pop them in the comments below, we read everything. Yes, everything. 

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