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Zynga releases Poker game instead of Farmville first

As you are probably already aware, the Facebook mobile event is going on right now. While there is a lot of information coming from this event related to Android, when it comes to gaming there has been little noise made. Well except the fact that Zynga will be releasing it’s Poker game first instead of Farmville. Why? Find out after the break.

Game News

Full Tilt Poker coming to Android… for real money

Being based out of Las Vegas, I see gambling all the time, daily. You can’t even walk into a 7-11 here without tripping over a slot machine with video poker and other games on it. Full Tilt Poker has been a major player in the poker game for awhile now both with their online poker site and their continuous strong showings in various poker tournaments like the WSOP.

Game News

Adobe AIR games to try on your Android device

So you’re rocking the Flash player on your Android phone and you’ve got Adobe AIR installed as well, but what now? There isn’t a whole lot of selection just yet regarding games. Well, luckily for you, we here at DroidGamers spend way too much time sifting through the games section of the Android Market and testing out games so we can recommend (or not recommend) them to you.