Zynga Live Poker now available on the Android Market

Well it seems after the announcement awhile back regarding Zynga bringing live poker to Android has finally come true. While this was supposed to be their first game for Android, Mafia Wars ended up being released before it. It is still the first game of their on the Android Market but it did have some people confused at first.

You’ll be able to bring all your chips and everything right along with you from Facebook into the Android version thanks to using the Facebook Connect technology. You’ll also be able to play other people (up to 9 per table) across both Android and Facebook online. However, you will need a Facebook account to play this on your Android phone, at least for right now, so if you don’t have one and you want to play this, you’ll have to go sign up to Facebook.

Website Referenced: Android And Me

Direct Market Link: Zynga Live Poker

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