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Valve apparently laying off several employees affecting hardware and Android development

Information is beginning to surface today over possible layoffs at Valve who are the developers of the Half-Life franchise and Steam. Details right now are pretty scarce as to what is going on and regarding the number of employees let go as of Tuesday morning. While the number of staff who have been laid off is currently unknown, some terms describing the situation being thrown around include “great cleansing” and “large decisions.”


Valve wants to bring DOTA 2 to tablets in the near future

Valve has been pretty outspoken about their thoughts on the rise of mobile gaming, especially regarding mobile gaming on tablets, and how it will be a major force in the industry in the near future. It is then no surprise to find out that Valve wants to bring their popular MOBA game DOTA 2 to tablets and, in fact, already have a working version of the game on an iPad.