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Humble Mobile Bundle is ‘Pac’ked full of Bandai Namco mobile games and is now live

Well, it looks like the Humble Mobile Bundle may be back after a short absence. If you weren’t aware, Humble Bundle did away with the mobile bundles and were going to add mobile games to their regular bundles. Unfortunately that never full came to life as all the bundles after that announcement happened had no mobile games in them. Whether this new bundle is the permanent return of the mobile bundles or not remains to be seen, but this one is themed around Bandai Namco titles.


StickyCoding vs Firemint

While going through the usual Android sites I tend to read during my morning habit of drinking a bunch of energy drinks, I happened to notice some news about recent (Pocket Gamers) Game of the Year winner Firemint, who won with their game Flight Control, having just issued a C&D Order to StickyCoding in regards to their game, Flying Aces.