Day: 18 January 2016


Help Eddie piece his soul back together in the upcoming Iron Maiden RPG called Legacy of the Beast

Set to release this Summer, Legacy of the Beast will be a new free-to-play RPG for fans of the old school heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The band has apparently teamed up with Roadhouse Interactive (Warhammer 40K: Carnage) and 50cc Games, for the creation of this game. In Legacy of the Beast, players will assume the role of the band’s mascot Eddie, and is considered to be a follow-up to Ed Hunter from back in 1999, which was a greatest hits/video game.


Humble Mobile Bundle is ‘Pac’ked full of Bandai Namco mobile games and is now live

Well, it looks like the Humble Mobile Bundle may be back after a short absence. If you weren’t aware, Humble Bundle did away with the mobile bundles and were going to add mobile games to their regular bundles. Unfortunately that never full came to life as all the bundles after that announcement happened had no mobile games in them. Whether this new bundle is the permanent return of the mobile bundles or not remains to be seen, but this one is themed around Bandai Namco titles.