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Fedeen Games unleashes their big expansion for Forsaken World Mobile today

We’ve been covering the upcoming expansion for Fedeen Games’ mobile MMORPG called Forsaken World Mobile over the past month or so. We’ve talked about what would be coming with this expansion, including massive new ‘Epic Dungeons’ which are essentially a world event type of thing, as well as new PvP content, more skills, a jump in the level cap, and a lot more. Well we can finally stop talking about what will be coming in the expansion and instead get to talk about how it is now available for download.


Forsaken World Mobile now has an official release date and its for next week

We have been covering the development and upcoming release for Fedeen Games’ upcoming MMORPG called Forsaken World Mobile. However, we have never been able to give any sort of an exact release date, only that it would be coming soon. We did, however, mention that we figured it would be arriving this month and it looks like we were right as Fedeen Games has announced a July 23rd release date.