Day: 13 April 2015


Our official news app has been updated with some new features and a few much needed tweaks

We have finally updated our app this afternoon which, for some of you, is something you have been hoping to have happen for awhile now. You may have seen us mentioning on G+ that we are redesigning the app with a whole new look. That isn’t this update. What this update is for is to get ready for that one which will be coming soon. However, there are some new features added with this update and a few tweaks.


Deus Ex: The Fall review: great game with few flaws

Deus Ex: The Fall is a First Person Shooter from Square Enix. There’s more to this game though, as fans of the series can attest. The game includes elements of stealth, computer hacking, RPG customizations, and moral decisions within the gameplay. The story also has several different threads to it: crooked pharmaceutical companies, whistleblowers, rogue paramilitary groups, assassinations, human augmentation, and more. All in all, it makes for an intriguing story.


Skullduggery rolls its way onto Android Devices

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t take it with you?”. Well, Skulduggery is a game that is based on the idea that, well, yes you can. Players assume the role of a skull (hence the name), whose job it is to go about collecting back taxes from deceased deadbeats; only, here’s the catch: It’s not on behalf of the living that it’s being collecting, but the dead…. the INFERNAL Revenue Service.