PewDiePie to get his own mobile game this Summer called Legend of the Brofist

Celebrates getting their own mobile game is nothing new. It doesn’t happen that often but it does happen and it usually deals with someone like Kim Kardashian. As for YouTube celebrities, that hasn’t happened yet but that is apparently changing this Summer with PewDiePie who will be getting his own mobile game soon called PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist.

Unless you are a fan of a particular celebrity that has their own mobile game, chances are you won’t like it. However, this particular game may actually break that stereotype as well since it may actually be a fun game to play regardless if you’re a fan of PewDiePie or not. For those of you not familiar with who PewDiePie is, he is a YouTube video maker (and also streams live on YouTube I believe) with his videos being about him playing different games usually. He does it though with a lot of humor and you will think he is a bit of a spaz if you aren’t used to him. He is one of the biggest YouTube celebrities though with almost 36 million people subscribing to his channel.

The announcement of the PewDiePie game came as a video on YouTube which is very fitting. The game itself will be a 2D arcade platformer and players will have the option of playing as PewDiePie or his partner CutiePie, along with their two pugs Edgar and Maya. There isn’t a whole lot of details yet about Legend of the Brofist in regards to the amount of content that will be available, but we do know that you will be traveling across an ‘overworld’ that is made up of various places including an island shaped like a duck. If you watch the video above, which is the official announcement for this game, you do get to see a preview of an ice-themed level.

Each level will have players needing to free a number of “Shannon the Sharks” in order to complete it.  PewDiePie’s main enemy, named “barrels”, is the villain of this game who has tied up all of the Shannon the Sharks. The level previewed in the video above shows PewDiePie being attacked by various enemies including the Illuminati, penguins, and wolves. Needless to say it seems like there is a bit of ADHD when it comes to this game, not that this is a bad thing.

Killing enemies is done a la Mario style, which means you can jump on them. However you also have PewDiePie’s signature move, the Brofist, available as well. There are also additional abilities to unlock which can be done by spending the coins you collect in each each stage. You can also expect other big YouTubers to make an appearance in this game at different times since PewDiePie sometimes does collaborations with other YouTubers for his real videos.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist will be made by Outerminds but we don’t know if they will be publishing it as well or if another company will be, or PewDiePie himself. As for a release date, right now there is just a Summer 2015 time frame. Outerminds is doing a development series of videos regarding Legend of the Brofist which are available on their site as well.

Official Website: Outerminds

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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