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Poll: What are your thoughts about Google+ Profiles being mandatory for leaving reviews?

Earlier this week, Google quietly introduced a pretty big change in the way we leave reviews on the Play Store. No longer are we able to anonymously post reviews – we must now do so using our Google+ profiles, with our full name and photo on display for the whole world to see (this has not been rolled to all Android devices though just yet, but the web version already requires your Google+ profile).


Google Games coming to Google+ ? Clues found in Google+ coding.

By now you’ve heard of Google+ in one way or another with all the news going on about it. If not, it is essentially Google’s social network but with hints going around about Google getting into games as well, it could very well become a lot more. Considering it is also available in the form of Android apps, things are getting interesting with a new snippet of code found in the source.