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Unleash your inner child in Snowball, a winter-themed pinball game, out now

Winter is officially here and with it a plethora of seasonally-themed games. Amidst the crop of current offerings is Snowball, a new pinball game from developer Pixeljam. Published on the Android platform by Noodlecake Games, Snowball takes the traditional pinball board and replaces it with a unique setting: a kid-constructed, snow-covered bobsled maze, complete with snow banks, igloos, wooden paddles, and yes, big balls of snow.


So what did you get for Christmas this year? A new Android device or something equally as awesome?

‘Tis the day after Christmas and all threw the house, everyone was stirring about including the mouse. New Android devices being set-up and fill with new games, did you get a new devices or are you still sporting the same? Okay so maybe my rhyming isn’t the best but it is the day after Christmas and there should be plenty of new Android users out there as well as existing users with new Android devices.