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Time for the guessing game again, When is the next Humble Bundle for Android arriving? This month?

If you follow DroidGamers on any sort of regular basis and have been doing so for awhile now, then you probably know that we have hunted down clues and guessed when the past three Humble Bundles for Android were going to launch. All three times we have been correct on figuring out when each Humble Bundle for Android would become available. It’s that time to do it once again.


Humble Bundle for Android 6 has arrived with seven games available

A little over a week ago we had hunted down some evidence that a Humble Bundle for Android would be arriving this month. We didn’t know exactly when this month it would arrive, only that it would be here and it would feature a game called Frozen Synapse. Well it looks like we are two for two on figuring out when a Humble Bundle for Android is on the way because the new one has now gone live.