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Exclusive interview with Trendy Entertainment’s Development Director, Jeremy Stieglitz about Unreal Engine 3, DD:FW and Android

We got a chance to talk to the Development Director, Jeremy Stieglitz, over at Trendy Entertainment, developers of Android’s first Unreal Engine 3 made game, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. We talk about Unreal Engine 3, developing for Android, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, future plans and pointing your towers at walls.

Game Features

Hyperbees Interview

Hyperbees has produced some of the more original 3D games for Android with some being major hits like SpeedX 3D and Prism3D. We got to talk to Tom and Bart of Hyperbees about their games, development challenges and what’s in store for Hyperbees in the future. So without further babbling on my part, here is Tom and Bart from Hyperbees!