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Pocket Racing Gets OpenFeint [Full List]

With news of increased sales we thought we would take the time to make a special mention to Measured Software’s OpenFeint achievements added to their old-school top-down 2D racer, Pocket Racing. You can grab the newest update from the market on your phone now from the market. Complete list of achievements after the break.

Game News

PayPal to officially announce Android Market support

It has been rumored for awhile now that PayPal would be bringing Android Market support sometime in the future. As of late more evidence of that has been coming to light, mainly from the back-end of the PayPal site interface where you can activate the ability to offer PayPal if you are an Android developer. Well I think this next piece of evidence is pretty self-explanatory.

Game News

Google: This is how you improve Android gaming

The modern day app store has changed smartphones as we thought we knew them. Android market and iOS app store each have several hundred thousand great applications that many couldn’t imagine their lives without. However for Android, games seem to have stood still until recently. Changing is on the horizon however, especially with the release of social gaming networks like OpenFeint and recent flood of iOS games coming to Android.