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Eternal Legacy Review – Gameloft’s newest Android game has a lot in common with other ones. Is it as good though?

Gameloft seem to be sticking to their current trend in terms of mobile gaming. A lot of recent releases are very similar to well known console games. Gangstar seems to resemble the infamous GTA series, while Dungeon Hunters feels not too dissimilar to Diablo. Same is true for Eternal legacy,with gameplay and style resembling the hugely popular Final Fantasy games.

Game Reviews

Guerrilla Bob Review: You won’t find any big hairy gorillas here, just Big ‘ole Bob.

Rambo has nothing on Guerrilla Bob! This guy isn’t afraid of anything and neither are his friends. Be prepared for a war, a good kind of war, a nice cartoon styled battle, filled to the brim with lots of fun bubbly goodness. In this game you’re going to be packing some serious heat, as it contains some of the biggest boy’s toy’s ever. No offense ladies.

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Polarbit and Fabrication Games releases

It seems OpenFeint and developers using it are not the only ones who have been busy these days. Polarbit and partner Fabrication Games have been hard at work with one game being released the other week and two more today. 8ball and Zap just landed on the market today with 8ball being a new pool game while Zap is a lot like Bust-A-Move.