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Big Huge Games and Nexon M team up to release DomiNations onto Android today

Big Huge Games has teamed up with Nexom M, the mobile division of Nexon, to release a new strategy game onto Android today called DomiNations. This particular strategy game takes inspiration from other titles out there in the world of video games like Civilization 2, which makes a lot of sense since the team begin DomiNations includes Brian Reynolds who is a Strategy game veteran and a designer of Civilization 2 and Rise of Nations. This game has been in a soft launch for awhile now, today marks the full release of DomiNations.


Nexon M releases their second title this week called Legion of Heroes

Nexon M, otherwise known as Nexon Mobile, have released a second game this week called Legion of Heroes. We originally reported on this game coming to Android back in July of this year and since then Legion of Heroes has been under the final stages of development and testing until today. This is much different than their release yesterday of Base Busters, mainly because this game is an MMORPG.