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Mojang is being purchased for $2.5 Billion by Microsoft

With rumors of a purchase between the two companies floating around last week, today the announcement has been made official that Microsoft will be purchasing Mojang for a mere $2.5 Billion. There are a few reasons for the sale but one of the main ones if that Notch has wanted to work on smaller projects and running a company this size, which he never though he would be doing, isn’t allowing him to work on these smaller projects.

Game Reviews

The Sandbox Review: A big playground of pixel fun

We’ve seen plenty of Minecraft-inspired games ever since the indie smash swept the market, ranging from blatant ripoffs to nifty riffs on the new genre. The Sandbox falls into the latter category and really is a game on its own. Actually, I would rather categorize it under “world creation” and creative tool which is, well, pretty much the same as Minecraft. OK, so the differences between the games are more than that; where Minecraft is a wonderfully immersive jaunt through a three-dimensional block world, The Sandbox is more of a puzzle game based on physics and trickery as it is exploration and creation.