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Unreal Engine 4 being shown running on Nvidia’s Kepler GPU and Project Logan at SIGGRAPH

More news coming out from Nvidia during SIGGRAPH 2013 but this time instead of it being hardware related with showing off their upcoming Kepler GPU along with Project Logan which, when their forces are combined, create Voltron… I mean Tegra 5. This bit of news is in regards to software being shown off running on the Kepler GPU and it isn’t some little game engine or anything like that.


Nvidia shows off their Kepler GPU for mobile and Project Logan

While the SIGGRAPH conference has gotten underway this week, Nvidia has finally begun showing off some future goodies that up until now we have only heard about. If you follow us on a regular basis then you already have probably read here that Nvidia’s Kepler GPU will be making its way to Android devices soon. You will also probably be aware that the next chipset after Tegra 4 is codenamed Project Logan, or just Logan for those of you wanting to feel a bit more personal with Nvidia’s next chipset already.