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[Update: Tegra Support] FDG Entertainment’s upcoming gritty sniper game Lonewolf will be landing on Android soon

Last week FDG Entertainment released their gritty neo-noir sniper game called Lone Wolf onto iOS. This game is also slated for release onto Android and that is going to be happening in the very near future. This isn’t your typical sniper game and there will actually be a 17+ rating that comes with it. So it won’t be for young kids to play.

Game News

[E3 2014] Quick hands-on look at Square Enix’s Hitman: Sniper

Square Enix announced last week the sequel to their recently released Hitman: GO game called Hitman: Sniper. This new game is very different from the first installment into this mobile series of games based off of the Hitman franchise. While Hitman: GO is about sneaking around, taking out target and completing other objective, Hitman: Sniper is all about sniping out targets effectively.