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Archangel Review: A good action RPG but not without its shortcomings

Archangel is a dungeon crawler from Unity Games and Black Tower Studios where you play as the eponymous archangel who’s been commissioned by Heaven to defeat the forces of evil on their turf. You’ll traverse a undefined nether realm that’s spread out over thirty levels, use gestures for combat, and upgrade your character with powers and loot that you find along the way or purchase. Outside of that premise, there isn’t much for a story along the way save for some of the levels having a brief introductory cut scene showing what it looks like, and a handful of subtitles. In short, you just go out and slay your enemies as the emphasis in Archangel is on the action. And just like this game features a conflict between good and bad, there’s also good and bad within the design of the game itself.


Unity Games announces their next game for Android called Rube Works, arriving this November

Rube Goldberg and the machines he made have have inspired people throughout the years into creating complex machines and constructs using random objects to accomplish the most menial tasks possible such as pushing a ball 2 inches to the left. However, they are fun to build and even more fun to watch in action, especially when people get a little crazy with their contraptions.