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zGames bring their first title to Android, called The Red Weed. H.G. Wells fans rejoice

In this ever growing Android market, it has become a usual thing to see iOS developers coming to our beloved environment. It’s to no surprise that ultimately they’ve all wanted a piece of that huge and delicious Android cake. Now, the time has come for zGames, a development studio that was first spotted with apps like Talking Cookies Kid or “Charlie Bit Me!!!” under the name of Viral Spiral Group. Today, zGames s coming with a little gem called Red Weed, and based upon Jeff Wayne’s award-winning Musical Version of The War of the Worlds.


zGhost for Android

zGames just released their ghost game called zGhost onto the Android Market. This game is massive in size when compared to the rest of the games on the market (the download is 18.8MB) and is an augmented reality game where you use your camera to see ghosts around you. Sound familiar? It should because we’ve written about a similar game that’s on it’s way to Android.