New PUBG Mobile anti-cheat aims to stop those filthy hackers for good

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If you’re sick of getting shot through walls in PUBG Mobile, do we have good news for you! In an effort to stop a never-ending wave of hackers, a new PUBG Mobile anti-cheat service aims to make the game better for everyone. 

New PUBG Mobile anti-cheat measures

After years of wall hacks dominating the mobile battle royals game, Tencent has decided to fight against cheaters. Its new PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system, dubbed Fog of War, is already active in the game. Hopefully, this will make games more enjoyable. 

Fog of War helps to limit cheaters by drastically reducing information sent to other players. This means that players using X-Ray glitches or aim bots don’t actually know where you and others are located. 

It’s been claimed that the anti-cheat software is responsible for a massive decrease in hacking already. According to Tencent, cheating has been reduced by around 50% in all regions. Furthermore, some regions are seeing up to 62% less cheating. 

Fog of War is an all-new type of anti-cheat for battle royals games. However, while the new PUBG Mobile anti-cheat system is effective, it’s not completely foolproof. Additionally, there is a chance it can be bypassed sometime in the future. 

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An advert for a security measure? 

It’s very obvious that Tencent is incredibly proud of its anti-cheat method for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. As well as announcing the software, the developer released a trailer promoting it. 

If you want to watch a promotional video for anti-cheat software, you’re more than welcome to. In fact, we’ll embed it for you just below. Check it out:


Hopefully, other battle royals games and the best games like PUBG Mobile will implement similar security measures. After all, filthy cheaters don’t deserve to play with the rest of us… or at all, really. 

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