Warframe Mobile is almost upon us as cross-play approaches

The fantastic MMO world of Warframe was announced for mobile last year. However, News quickly dissipated of Warframe Mobile… until today, that is!

After almost a year of silence, Digital Extremes has revealed that Warframe Mobile development is still trundling along. But how far away is it? 

Warframe Mobile still in development 

In a post on Twitter, Digital Extremes attempted to ease fan worries about Warframe Mobile. After a year of silence, the developer spoke out about the long-awaited port. Unfortunately, not many details were released. 

In the tweet, it was revealed that the mobile conversion’s development is still ongoing. While some were under the assumption that the port was canned, it’s still in active development.

Digital Extremes confirmed that more information would be released on the port during TennoCon. For those unaware, Tenno Con is scheduled for August 1st, 2022. 

Why has it taken so long? 

Warframe’s Android and have been held back for a reason. In fact, the game’s journey to mobile comes along a massive addition to the multiplatform MMO: cross-play. 

Currently, console and PC versions of Warframe are not kept in parity. This means that the PC version is always ahead of the console version, and therefore platforms can’t play together. However, that will soon change. 

Either before or alongside the release to mobile, Warframe will have complete cross play and cross progression. Whether you’re on console, PC or mobile, everyone will get new content at the exact same time. Isn’t that amazing? 

To have Warframe mobile kept in line with the game’s other versions is almost unheard of. Apart from Fortnite, most mobile ports are completely different SKUs with their own upgrade path. However, it shows that this is becoming more common. 

Hopefully, Warframe’s mobile port will be another fantastic port to Android and iOS. If the Nintendo Switch port is anything to go by, it will be brilliant. 

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