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Nightsky HD from Nicalis can be picked up off of Google Play now

During the Humble Bundle with Android #5, not to be confused with the current Humble Mobile Bundle going on right now, one game that made its debut appearance onto Android was Nightsky HD by Nicalis. Nicalis is actually a developer who has worked on a few other games you might be familiar with such as VVVVVV, also rumored to be coming to Android soon.

So what is Nightsky HD about? Well this particular game is a physics-based puzzle title that features a rather unique visual look to it, something we tend to enjoy here at DroidGamers. It’s always nice to see something a little different from the norm even if it is just with the game’s graphics. It’s not all physics-based puzzle gaming though as Nightsky HD blends in a bit of platformer mechanics with it.

Nightsky HD Features:

– 2D Platform/Puzzle Game
– Advanced 2D physics model
– Multiple Game Difficulties (Normal and Alternative)
– Multiple “vehicles”, each with specific uses and controls
– Additional, unlockable secret Bonus Levels
– Original ambient soundtrack by musician, Chris Schlarb

What really sets this game apart for other mobile games is that there is no violence, no enemies to shoot, no bosses to conquer and no princess (or world) to save. Instead it is all about maneuver a crystal sphere through each level of the game and, eventually, unlocking the mystery behind the game itself.

Nightsky HD is definitely a bit of a different game for mobile gamers to try out and it is strangely addictive on top of it all. For those of you wishing to venture into the world of Nightsky and didn’t pick up the Humble Bundle with Android #5, you can grab a copy of this game off of Google Play by itself for $4.99.

Google Play Link: Nightsky HD

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