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Terry Cavanaugh lists VVVVVV as coming soon to Android

Good news for fans on indie games or, more specifically, those created by Terry Cavanaugh. The creator of the rather popular and difficult indie game Super Hexagon has labeled his 2010 award winning indie game, VVVVVV, as coming soon to Android and iOS. This indie platformer quickly became a hit, gaining a rather large cult following just like his newest game has done.

For those of you unfamiliar with VVVVVV, this game is a platformer featuring simple but nice retro graphics and interesting platformer mechanics such as allowing players to flip onto the ceiling to get around different obstacles that would otherwise be impossible to get passed.

Of course ‘coming soon’ doesn’t tell us exactly when it will arrive on Android so we will be sure to update everyone when a more solid date is announced. Until then, if you are waiting to play a Terry Cavanaugh game, he did release his newest game Don’t Look Back onto Google Play last week for free.

Google Play Link: Don’t Look Back

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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