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Humble Bundle for Android 5 unleashed, six awesome games available

A few days ago we posted about the next Humble Bundle for Android and the fact that we thought it would be arriving this month. Well it looks as though we were spot on in regards to it coming this month as the Humble Bundle for Android 5 has just launched with six games currently available for purchase with a price you set.

For those of you unfamiliar with what the Humble Bundle is, basically this is a package of games, usually ones that are not released onto Google Play yet, that you can purchase for a single price. This price is something that you can set yourself, be it a buck of $500.00. The price is totally up to you and you can determine how the money is split, whether it all goes to charity, to Humble Bundle itself, to the game developers or a combination of all three.

This new Humble Bundle for Android comes with some pretty awesome games. You can click on the linked names to see articles for some of these games we’ve already written about:

Beat Hazard Ultra

Dynamite Jack

– Solar 2

– Nightsky HD

– Dungeon Defenders (and all DLC for it as well)

Super Hexagon

A few of these games are already available for Android devices while others have yet to be released onto Google Play. Dynamite Jack, for example, hasn’t been released onto Google Play yet nor has Nightsky HD. You can pay whatever price you want and get four of these games: Nightsky HD, Solar 2, Beat Hazard Ultra and Dynamite Jack. If you pay above the average paid price at the time you purchase your bundle you will also receive Dungeon Defenders (plus all the DLC for it) and Super Hexagon on top of the four other games.

This bundle’s selection of games is pretty solid so jump on over to the main Humble Bundle site and grab yourself one of these bundles! You will also get a copy of these games for other platforms as well, DRM-free, as well as the soundtrack for each game.

Official Website: Humble Bundle for Android 5

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