Day: 22 June 2010


Eskimo Tower Defence

Tower Defense games have always been popular whether played on your PC or on your mobile phone. With this popularity there comes many variants and differently themed tower defense games. Android itself has numerous different tower defense games such as Bubble Defense, Robo Defense, Tower Raiders and now there is Eskimo Tower Defense.


SGN Heading To Android

Social Gaming Network, or SGN for short, just recently announced that they have raised an additional $2 million dollars in second round funding. While good funding is great to hear about where developers are concerned, SGN has been focused a long time on high quality iPhone/iPad/iPod multiplayer gaming. They now plan to release titles for Android devices.


Prism 3D

Hyperbees developed the widely popular tunnel racing game, SpeedX 3D, and have been hard at work on their new title which just dropped onto the Android market called Prism 3D. In this game you tilt your device to move the bouncing beach ball along the tiles, collecting points and finishing each stage by getting the ball to the checkered flag tiles.